hana no utage とは -About hana no utage-








At Hana no Utage, we welcome you to come and truly feel Japanese culture. Many of our customers come wearing kimonos. That’s because kimonos really go well with the atmosphere of our restaurant.


Come wearing a yukata in the summertime, or a little bit dressed up, with a special bag or nice shoes, and enjoy a unique dining experience with delicious cuisine.


Our space will make you want to put on a kimono and will make you feel a bit different from your usual self.


We would like to share our Japanese culture with many people. Feel the four seasons of Japan with a view of our well-kept garden as you try our delicious dishes which are beautifully prepared with seasonal ingredients.


We don’t want to be pretentious, however. We want to create a space where you can feel at ease and enjoy Japanese culture together with delicious cuisine at a reasonable price.


With that desire in mind, we here at Hana no Utage want to deliver an experience that is not overly fancy, but is a small step up in quality from your usual dining experience.